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Let's face it: integrating technology into the classroom can be a daunting task. Sometimes we need advice, ideas, or even an opportunity to step back and watch someone else do it. That's where my role as the 
Digital Learning Integration Specialist comes in. My job is to support you-- the content expert -- with 
creative ideas, resources, and support by sharing what has worked, what can be adapted, and how to best make it all happen.

Let's look at what a typical encounter might look like:

Based upon teacher input and request, we'll generate ideas on particular classroom needs. With these ideas in mind, I'll prep some resources and materials for specific lessons or units to help guide the initial meeting. I'll collect information on available technology and come up with a short list of applications that could enhance the lesson. We'll then meet to formalize a plan, pulling ideas from previous experiences to help redesign the targeted lesson by integrating technology with purpose and meaning.

When it is time for the actual implementation of the lesson, my role is flexible. At times, you may want me to co-teach the lesson with you; sometimes, I may be there as support, helping out should something go wrong or get tricky. Other times, you may want me to lead the class and model specific use of the technology.

After the lesson, I'll follow up to see how things went. This is the most important step of the process. We'll reflect and refine, asking key questions to troubleshoot the more cumbersome issues and celebrating the successes.