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Video Tutorials

These are generic videos about how to use your new Avaya phone so some settings will be unique to SISD. Check the FAQ page for more information.
Need an answer to a specific question? Jump to the appropriate timestamp listed below each video.
Phone Buttons

1:55 Mute a call

2:29 Dial an outside phone number (remember 8 is the new 9)

3:00 Contacts

4:40 Add an outside contact

5:50 Return to the main menu

6:00 Caller ID Log

8:00 Personalize your ringtone

8:30 Change your screen background


Handling Calls

0:20 Call Handling

0:54 How to make a conference call

2:25 How to transfer a call

3:30 How to transfer a call (assisted)

3:48 How to transfer directly to voicemail

5:40 DND (do not disturb)

6:10 Twinning (pair with your cell phone)

10:10 Redial

Setting up Voicemail



0:20 Setting up your voicemail for the first time (record name)

2:30 Visual voicemail

5:06  Greeting

5:47 Changing your passcode

6:15 Voicemail to email setting

7:37 Multiple greetings