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Stephenville ISD contracts all custodial services with SSC Services for Education. Understanding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response is evolving, our focus is – and will always be – the health, safety, and well-being of the Stephenville ISD family and community.


SSC adheres to the updated CDC protocols for outbreaks as they arise. They have disinfected all schools using Virex256 which is one of the disinfectants recommended by the CDC. While all schools have been disinfected already we are continuing to do so on a daily basis.

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Encourage engagement and completion of school work provided by the district.

Create a consistent home learning schedule and space.

Counselors will be reaching out to the families of students that they see on a regular basis and will work with each family to set up regular communication.


  • Dyslexia: Istation will be used to serve our dyslexic students. Istation is a multi-sensory approach to reading instruction that is individualized and designed to meet the needs of students with dyslexia. Assignments in Istation will be made according to the academic needs of the student, and the program will track student progress. Dyslexia teachers will monitor the progress of each of their students and intervene when students are not being successful or are not making adequate progress. The Dyslexia teachers will coordinate with the classroom teacher to provide additional supports and interventions as needed. Dyslexia teachers will contact students/parents a minimum of 1 time per week.
  • RtI: RtI teachers will work closely with the classroom teacher to support students who qualify for RtI services. The classroom teacher will make the assignments, and the RtI teacher will ensure that the students are being successful and making adequate progress. If a student is not being successful with the regular classroom work, the RtI teacher will provide interventions that will support general education. All programs that RtI students are currently working in will be provided so that students can continue to work at home. RtI teachers will make contact with the classroom teacher at least 1 time per week to check student progress. They will also contact the RtI student/parent 1 time per week as well.
  • 504: Classroom teachers will still provide accommodations as applicable with virtual/remote instruction.
  • SPED: As part of an ongoing effort to support all students served in Stephenville ISD, the Special Education Department has analyzed the services currently administered to our students in special education to ensure the continuation of services. Individualized instruction and support will be provided virtually and/or with supplemental packets. Each student’s Special Education teacher (case manager) will be in contact with the parent to discuss support and services. Depending on the level of support necessary, the ongoing contact will vary from a minimum of one to three times weekly. In addition, if the student or parent has a question or would like additional assistance they can email/contact the campus Special Education teacher (case manager) to schedule a Zoom or other type of virtual conference. Speech and other identified services will also be addressed virtually and/or with supplemental packets, and parents will be contacted regarding individual changes. If you have questions regarding support and services, please contact the Special Education office at 254-968-6790 or Administration office at 254-968-7990.