2022 Bond Program » Proposition B

Proposition B


Proposition B: New Multi-purpose Indoor Facility, Tennis Complex and Baseball Stands and Press Box - $25,000,000


New Multi-Purpose Indoor Facility

  • To be located at SHS
  • Includes indoor turf field and drop-down nets for baseball/softball practice
  • To be scheduled by student programs on a regular basis and as a safe alternative during inclement weather
  • To serve as additional practice and rehearsal space for student programs, including:
    • Football
    • Track
    • Baseball/Softball
    • Soccer
    • Band
    • Dance
    • Cheer
    • Summer Strength and Conditioning Programs

New Tennis Complex

  • To be located at SHS and serve growing tennis program
  • Currently do not have tennis courts and use the city’s courts requiring transportation across town and limiting access for student athletes 
  • Includes 8 courts, bleachers, lighting and fencing with windscreen
  • Will allow for hosting of tournaments 


Baseball Stadium Improvements

  • New stands and press box at existing SHS baseball stadium
FAQs - Proposition B


This building would benefit all outdoor Fall and Spring sports and activities.


Conditions such as rain, hail, lightening, freezing temperatures, ice, and high winds currently impact many extracurricular activities. The facility would be used by at least the following programs: Football, Soccer, Band, Golf, Tennis, Softball, Baseball, Cheerleaders, and Stings.



Currently, SISD tennis players (individual and team) commute to the City Park and access the 4 available courts.



SHS Baseball field recently had a turf field installed and is currently being utilized during the Spring 2022 season. This proposition would allow the press box to be upgraded, as well as increasing the seating capacity.


These improvements will bring its size into equity with the softball stadium (built new from 2018 bond).