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MacBook Pro:

How do I install SISD printers on my laptop and when will they be available?
- We are currently building a program that will allow you to install district printers on your Mac.  Our goal is to have this available in Self-Service by the end of the week.  As soon as this is available we will send out a message with further instructions on how to access the application. 

How do I order an Apple USB Superdrive (DVD-ROM)?
- Please send a quantity, list of recipients, and the appropriate budget code to 
(Technology Secretary).  She will complete the purchase, add it to inventory and have your technician deliver it to the appropriate person.

When I try to update the Apple apps (Keynote, Pages, etc.) it asks me for Aaron's Apple ID information.  Why is this and how do I update the apps?
- Apple is in the process of sending us our District owned licenses for these apps. As soon as we receive the licenses, we will push new versions of the programs to your computer which will allow you to update the apps.  

What Apple ID should I use in the App Store?
- You are able to use any Apple ID that you would like on your MacBook Pro.  If you are concerned with using your personal account or do not have an account, I would strongly recommend that you create an Apple ID using your District email address.  We are in the process of creating a video tutorial on how to set up an Apple ID that is not associated with any form of payment.

If I use my Apple ID in the App Store, does that mean that my personal messages, photos, and other iCloud data will be connected to my computer?
- No, your iCloud information is only connected to your computer if you login using your Apple ID directly to iCloud or one of the associated services. (Messages, FaceTime, Photos, etc.)
Where are the training resources that you talked about during our MacBook training session?
-  We've created a Digital Learning page on our website (Staff -> Digital Learning) that offers many resources, including MacBook tutorial videos.  You may notice that portions of the site are still in development, but we will continue to add resources as we identify topics and build out the appropriate content.  We want this to be a repository of helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials. Please don't hesitate to send us an email with a topic or question that you think should be covered.