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Curriculum and Instruction » Curriculum Overview and 21st Century Learning

Curriculum Overview and 21st Century Learning


Students today face more challenges than ever, but they also have more opportunities than ever. Texas education standards continue to increase, and the school district curriculum must also increase its rigor to help students be successful. When students graduate, they will compete against peers from other countries for admission to top universities and for positions in our creative global economy. The educational foundation provided at SISD offers our students a platform and skill set for life on their own, whether they pursue college, advanced technical training, or immediately enter the workforce.

We are creating a BLENDED LEARNING environment where TECHNOLOGY is embedded into our curriculum and the learning process.  Our educational activities and projects are student driven and established to make real world and meaningful connections where higher order thinking skills are required.  (click above for video 2)

 As we focus on a continuous improvement model as educators and leaders, we ensure that each of our students have the necessary examples and resources to take ownership of their education and improvement. Our model means aligning our efforts with the district, each department, campus, teacher, and ultimately, the students.  Everyone must work together to prepare each student to have the 21st century edge for their selected future field. Our students will be more prepared than the best competitors out there.