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Website Accessibility Statement

Stephenville Independent School District is committed to making this web site accessible for all and strives to ensure its accessibility as new technologies and opportunities emerge.

Persons requiring assistive technology and who may need assistance in accessing information from the district and/or campus websites should contact the SISD Webmaster at [email protected]. When requesting assistance via e-mail, write "Accessibility" on the subject line.  Persons who may be hearing-impaired and use a teletypewriter (TTY), may contact the district at 254-968.2476 (M-F, 8am-4pm) for assistance.  Every reasonable attempt shall be made to ensure equitable access to district and campus web resources.

In order to respond in a manner most helpful, please include the following when communicating:
  • a description of your accessibility concern
  • the format in which you prefer to receive the materials
  • the web page address of the requested material; and,
  • the best way to contact you
SISD continues the ongoing process to improve the accessibility of this site.   As part of this initiative, the district is committed to incorporating improvements to the site, as appropriate, to better serve all users.  SISD welcomes questions, comments, and suggestions on ways to improve this site's accessibility.

Some documents on the district and campus websites are in a Portable Document Format (PDF).  In order to improve viewing some of these files, readers may wish to open the document and use the text conversion option available from the File menu. By exercising this option for viewing PDF files may be read with a screen reader.