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General Election Information

Election Results of May 6, 2023 Election
SISD Canvass of May 6, 2023 Election
Election Date: May 6, 2023
Important Election Dates 2022-2024 - Texas Secretary of State Important Filing Deadlines
Election Laws Calendar - May 6, 2023 Election Laws Calendar
Notice of Deadline to File an Application For a Place on the Ballot
Order of Election (AMENDED) - May 6, 2023
Notice of Election (AMENDED) - May 6, 2023
Voting Locations and Hours - May 6, 2023 Election:
Stephenville ISD Sample Ballot - May 6, 2023 
Click here to review the sample ballot.
Notice of Manual Recount - May 6, 2023 Election
Notice of Inclement Weather
Candidate Application Forms & Reports and Filing Location:


Application Forms and Reports may be picked up at the following address:

Stephenville ISD Administration Office

2655 W. Overhill

Stephenville, TX  76401

(254) 968-7990 | (254) 968-5942 – Fax


Application Forms and Reports may be returned in the following manner:

Hand delivered: Stephenville ISD Administration Office, 2655 W. Overhill, Stephenville, TX  76401

Fax: (254) 968-5942

Mail: Stephenville ISD Administration Office, Attn: Dr. Eric Cederstrom, 2655 W. Overhill, Stephenville, TX  76401

Email:  Dr. Eric Cederstrom, Superintendent at [email protected]

Election Links:

Texas Secretary of State – Elections Division

Texas Ethics Commission - Filing Schedules

Texas Association of School Boards – Resources for Candidates

Texas Administrative Code - Elections

Texas Election Code Chapter 141

Erath County, TX | Official Website

Notice of Voting Order Priority - A website that contains information on frequently asked questions, allows you to check your registration status, and provides other important details about upcoming elections (Vote by Mail, ID Requirements, Voter Registration, Poll Watcher Training, and Ballot by Mail Tracker).

Am I Registered? or call Erath County Voter Registrar at 254-965-8990 to check your voter registration status.



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Contact Information:

Dr. Eric Cederstrom, Superintendent

Stephenville I.S.D.

2655 W. Overhill

Stephenville, TX  76401


(254) 968-7990 – Office | (254) 968-5942 - Fax


2024 Election Date - May 4, 2024