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Dear Parent or Guardian,
The Stephenville Independent School District is pleased to provide transportation to and from school as a courtesy service for students. The State of Texas prescribes the conditions governing school bus operation. In order to provide safe and prompt movement of students meeting the conditions outlined by the State of Texas, the District has set out standard guidelines and procedures relating to student behavior in regard to the outlined procedures. Included in those guidelines are measures for discipline related non-compliance. 
We consider you a team member of the transportation department in assisting us to create a safe and healthy environment for “every student, every day.” Please familiarize yourself and your student with the enclosed material. Both of you are requested to acknowledge your understanding by signing the enclosed acknowledgment form and returning it to the appropriate route driver. If you should need additional information or have questions concerning the safety of your child, the bus routes, or other matters regarding transportation safety, please contact any of the individuals listed below. 
If you have any questions please call 254-968-3759 or email [email protected].