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The Stephenville ISD technology department staff members are committed to supporting the educational mission of the District.
Our job is information.
On the purely physical level we run the network that connects each classroom with the outside world. The SISD Technology Department is responsible for the over 6,500 devices in the district. Each one of these is connected to our network and, through it, the outside world. News, teaching aids, and research can all be brought directly into the classroom. Behind the scenes we make certain that it is possible to administer the day-to-day operations of the district.
Through email, webpages and other means, the technology department is here to make certain communication in the district is possible.
On the personal level, the department works with faculty, staff, and students on what is possible in technology today. We are facilitators. It could be as simple as chatting in the hall about a technical issue or responding to a work order. Our doors are open.
Our job is innovation.
These are years of growth and change at SISD.
Our job is education.
We take pride in our role as a knowledge resource. Every year the department offers teachers and other staff members classes in using technology in the classroom and work environments.
Our goal is to make it all come together! What is our job? Our job is supporting SISD in all parts of its educational mission.