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Conflict of Interest Disclosure(s)


Pursuant to Local Government Code, Chapter 176 - vendors must complete, sign and date the below CIQ Form whether vendor is disclosing a relationship or if the disclosure is N/A.


A separate fully completed CIQ Form must be completed for each disclosure.


If at any time during the course of a solicitation or contract period with SISD a real or perceived conflict is discovered, the Vendor is required by law to submit a signed CIQ Form to [email protected] within seven (7) days of discovery.


A Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement was signed by each Local Government Official involved in procurement decisions for Stephenville Independent School District on May 16, 2022.


Conflicts of Interest disclosure also apply to District-related organizations (i.e., booster clubs, athletics, fine arts, etc.).


Disclosure of Vendors (or Vendors representative) relation to any SISD employee by consanguinity or affinity within two degree is encouraged.