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Conflict of Interest Disclosure(s)


Pursuant to Local Government Code, Chapter 176 - vendors must complete, sign and date the below CIQ Form whether vendor is disclosing a relationship or if the disclosure is N/A.


A separate fully completed CIQ Form must be completed for each disclosure.


If at any time during the course of a solicitation or contract period with SISD a real or perceived conflict is discovered, the Vendor is required by law to submit a signed CIQ Form to within seven (7) days of discovery.


A Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement was signed by each Local Government Official involved in procurement decisions for Stephenville Independent School District on November 16, 2020:


Dr. Ann Calahan, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Barberee

Mrs. Sherrie Evans

Mr. Chad Elms

Mr. Scott E. Osman

Mrs. Phyllis Stewart

Mr. Donny Hill


Conflicts of Interest disclosure also apply to District-related organizations (i.e., booster clubs, athletics, fine arts, etc.).


Disclosure of Vendors (or Vendors representative) relation to any SISD employee by consanguinity or affinity within two degree is encouraged.