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Registration FAQ

Who do I call if I don’t understand a question or other information on the form?
Campus registrars are available on every campus to answer questions and provide clarification. Parents may also call (254.968.7990) the district student accounting officer who can redirect parents to the appropriate campus person.
I don’t have a computer at home. How may I register my student?
Stephenville ISD will provide computer access for any parent without a computer at home. Dates and times for on-site registration shall be posted on the district/campus websites as schedules are determined. Parents may visit any campus office for computer assistance.
Do I need a special program on my computer to complete the enrollment form?
Stephenville ISD online registration uses a web interface. A browser to access the Internet is all that is required.
How will I know when I submit the form that my student is truly enrolled?
Once parents/guardians have completed the enrollment/registration and clicked the submit button, parents/guardians will receive an email verifying that registration has been received.
How do I know when registration is open to enroll students for 2014 – 2015 school year?
Enrollment information for 2014 – 2015 will be posted on the district/campus websites and updated periodically throughout the summer.  Parents may register any time online from a home computer.
For parents/guardians without home computer access, Stephenville ISD campuses will schedule specific days in early August to conduct on-site registration. These dates will be posted to the district/campus websites as they are scheduled.
What do I do with documents the school needs like birth certificates, social security cards, immunization records, etc.?
Parents/guardians have the option to scan and upload the documents from home and attach to the online registration forms. For any parents without the ability to complete the process from home campus registrars can scan and upload the documents. Parents/guardians may wish to call the campus office before traveling to the campus to ensure that office staff will be available to provide this assistance.
Can I complete the registration forms on paper?
All registration forms will be completed electronically. No paper registration forms will be accepted.
Will the school contact me if my registration forms are incomplete or need clarification?
Yes. The campus registrar will contact parents/guardians if any additional information is needed.
Who do I contact if I need help with the registration process?
Any parent/guardian may contact the campus registrar at his/her student’s campus.
May I register my students from my home computer?
Any parent who wishes to complete registration from home may do so.