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School Meal Program

Welcome to the Cafeterias of Stephenville Schools.
It is a privilege of the food service staff to provide nutritious meals to their customers.

Debit System
All school cafeterias within this District utilize a pre-pay debit system, designed to process student purchases more efficiently and to reduce the amount of cash handling at each location. The system operates on a pre-pay basis, so students can deposit funds in advance of use.
Each student has a lunch account on which to deposit funds for breakfasts, lunches, milk and a la carte (extra) items.
Withdrawal of funds occurs when a student relocates, graduates, etc. At the end of each school year the account balance is transferred to the student's account for the following year. All meal balances need to be paid in full by the end of each month.
Pre-payments in any amount are encouraged, mornings are best. Students may prepay in the cafeteria or you may use the Pay Online link on this page. Students may pay by cash or check made payable to the school cafeteria. When possible include your child's name on the check.
Due to the nature of this pre-payment debit system, charging meals is discouraged. Students will be allowed to charge two meals to their lunch account only at the elementary level. We have a no charging policy for grades 5-12.
In the event that a student's account balance has not been made current after two charges a lunch consisting of a cheese sandwich and milk will be served. Notices will continue to be sent home untiil the balance is paid in full.
Students and parents are encouraged to keep track of account balances. The manager will make every effort to advise both student and parents of low account balances.
Some of the methods utilized will be low balance and charge letters sent to the home via the classroom, verbal reminders as students make purchases, and phone calls to the home. If registered to My Nutri Kids you will receive a low balance email.
A La Carte Purchases
Each school menu is planned according to the government guidelines regarding the types and amounts of food items served. Students may be given the option of supplementing their lunch with the purchase of a la carte items, or "extras" such as cookies, milk, chips, etc.
Food Allergies
On occasion students have special medical or dietary concerns and are unable to eat a food typically served as part of a school breakfast or lunch. Substitutions can be made on a case-by-case basis only when a current doctor's note is on file for the student.