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Internet Safety

The Broadband Data Improvement Act (S1492), signed into law in October of 2008 and previously called the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act, states that if districts are receiving E-Rate funding they must educate their students on Internet Safety. To meet and document compliance with this legislation Stephenville ISD currently uses the adopted Technology Applications instructional materials for Grades K-12. The Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) includes instruction in digital citizenship to promote safe, responsible, legal, and ethical student behaviors.
Additionally, District counselors work in concert with the SISD technology team to develop and deliver content to all District students to promote Internet Safety and provide information to support bullying and/or harassment reporting.
Further, Stephenville ISD encourages students, parents, and teachers to evaluate the use of the Texas Education Agency website to take advantage of the free resources and curriculum.
Other available online resources:
Contact the Stephenville ISD Technology Department for further information.
To report any technology-related misconduct, including but not limited to, bullying, social networking misuse, or abuse of equipment, email John Briese, Executive Director of Technology and Digital Learning.