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For answers to some common questions about the new phone system, see the FAQ below. We will add to the list as questions arise. For more in-depth information, see the videos linked on the right or the document attached below. You can click on a title in the Table of Contents to jump to a specific page.
How do I dial an outside line?
To access an outside line dial 8 followed by the number.
How do I transfer an incoming call directly to voicemail?
To transfer directly to voicemail, press # followed by the number.
How do I search for a SISD employee?
1. Press the Contacts button.
 Contacts Button
2. Press the digits that correspond to the name of the person. You do not need to press a digit multiple times. For example, press the number 5 once for J, K or L. As you spell out the name, contact options will pop up on your screen. (You cannot search by initials.)
How do I configure the sidecar buttons? 
To configure the buttons on the sidecar, please visit the following website:
Your username and password were sent to you in an email titled "New Phone System Instructions".
The sidecar has three pages for added contacts. The first button on page 1 of the sidecar is number 25.