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Advanced Academics

What Every Parent Should Know about Advanced Academics
What the Research Says…….
    • College graduates earn, on average, $1M more than high school graduates in an average earning lifetime.
    • The number of jobs requiring a college degree or technical training is increasing
    • Technology and automation have replaced many jobs that were once available to high school graduates
    • Academic study must prepare graduates for jobs that have not yet been invented. The academic intensity and quality of a student’s high school curriculum….
Not test scores
Not class rank
Not grade point average
....counts most in preparation for a bachelor's degree. For more information about the benefits and research related to college preparation, visit the College Board website.
What are the benefits of enrolling in college-level courses?
  • Earning college credits concurrently while meeting high school graduation requirements
  • Graduating on the Distinguished Achievement Program, DAP (4 advanced measures are required)
  • Real cost savings as a student can live at home while earning college credit hours
  • A nurturing, supportive environment, tutoring, and other course enhancements
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